This is a very good movie. What blew me away most was the fact that this actually happened. As I was watching this movie I was thinking that maybe some things were exaggerated but they were not. I mean the fact that Ben Affleck was able to create this adrenalin type movie and keep it so true to history and the facts was amazing! I mean he is amazing, director and actor.   And Chris Terrio is an amazing screenplay writer.  The pair of these guys are amazing in what they did this with the information they were given.  This movie was phenomenal. It was so amazing. My heart was pumping so bad and the humor, the very serious humor in this movie was structured so well. The acting, the way it was believable and so true to the facts was amazing. Absolutely loved this movie, thrilling, captivating and heart pumping. 4/4 ‘s and an “A+”.

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