A Member of Boyfriend Goes Half Nude


Shim Hyunseong, member of group Boyfriend, breaks the perception that the team is just stick thin. He decided to take off his shirt and reveals a rather muscular bod.

On November 15, his agency Starship Entertainment updated their official twitter with the picture along with the caption “Hyunseong lost 5kg [11 pounds] for this album. Abs revealed! He became a ‘Janus.’ ^^ How is it? Please love Boyfriend’s latest song ‘Janus’ please.”

Inside the picture, he gives off a sexy vibe wearing leather pants with zippers. He tugs at his belt, which could fall off at any moment. His face is turned to the left and holds no expression, not giving a hint to what he’s thinking. His hair is black as well blending into the background, which highlights his hard-earned assets.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Is this CG?” “My heart is shaken by his muscles,” “Boyfriend’s ‘Janus,’ daebak!”

Meanwhile, the members of Boyfriend recently came out with their latest track “Janus.”

Source: Soompi


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