B1A4 Scores First Victory on “Immortal Song 2″

On the most recent episode of KBSImmortal Songs 2 – Ha Chun Hwa Special,”B1A4 experienced their first victory with the stage of “Arirang Mok-Dong” against singer Lee Ki Chan. B1A4′s members Sandeul, Baro, and CNU picked out “Arirang Mok-Dong” as their song, transformed the song with hip hop beats and rock melody in their own style. Sandeul and Baro each grabbed the viewer’s attention with their exceptionally talented vocal and rapping skills.

Members of B1A4 joined the audience during their performance as a way of adding amusement to their show. They even passed along one of their towels to the “legend,” Ha Chun Hwa, to sway it to the rhythm. After the performance, Ha Chun Hwa complimented B1A4, “I’ve heard ‘Sleep Well Good Night‘ before. It seems like you guys have a very unique perspective on music. You performed ‘Arirang Mok-Dong’ with that unique style and did a very good job.”

The audience agreed with Ha Chun Hwa. B1A4 received more votes than the previous performer, Lee Ki Chan, who performed “One Waterfowl.” When they learned that they had scored the first victory, members of B1A4 expressed joy and excitement through comic dances with no background music and flipping tricks.

Source: Soompi


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