Day and night cycles to play an important role in the story of Lightning Returns

By: Erren Van Duine

As promised, Square Enix’s marketing team has started updating the official Lightning Returns Facebook once again.

Today’s update is a brief look back at the announcement event, as well as a hint at more content to come in the following weeks.

Hello! Let’s look back at the Final Fantasy exhibition. Revealed in September, this is some of the concept art that was shown there. This is the art that was introduced to us by Kamikokuryou! It’s the “City of Light, Luxerion.” In this town, there is a religion that believes in a God. Next time, I think I want to look at the artwork for Luxerion and see how that is reflected in the game.”

The marketing team also hinted at a little feature available on the game’s Japanese teaser site. If you view the page at different times of day, its design will be altered accordingly. This apparently is a hint at similar effects that will play out in the story of Lightning Returns. With the game confirmed to sport day and night cycles, we can only imagine what sort of elements lie in store for players.

“Today we recapped the cities. However, these are just a small part of the game. From here on we’ll be publishing even more information. In fact, I think we’ll show off a new element next week. Here’s the last point for today. The teaser site which is currently open (, its design changes slightly depending on the time of day you see it. To be honest, this is an important part of the game’s story. Well then, please have a good weekend!”

Source: Nova Crystallis


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