Joseph Gordon-Levitt would ‘consider’ joining ‘Justice League’ if asked

By:  Dave Lewis

Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt possibly go from playing a potential future superhero in “The Dark Knight Rises” to playing a full-fledged one in Warner Bros.‘ long-in-the-works “Justice League“?

While making the press rounds for his upcoming film “Lincoln,” HitFix‘s Gregory Ellwood asked Gordon-Levitt whether he’d be interested in joining the superhero group if Warner Bros. were to ask him to.

“You never know,” he responded. “If the script inspires me and if there’s a filmmaker that I respect and connect to…I’d consider anything.”

In “Dark Knight Rises,” it’s implied that Gordon-Levitt’s character may take up the mantle of the Bat after Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) retires. It’s purely conjecture at this point, but could Warner Bros. be considering him for Batman in “Justice League”? Or would he perhaps suit up as a different hero, like The Flash?

It was recently reported that Warner Bros. is aiming to release “Justice League” in the summer of 2015 — the same season as the highly-anticipated “Avengers 2.”

Source: Hit Fix


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