Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

I am trying to remember why I hated reading this book in high school because I had to re-read it again for my British Lit class at college and go figure, I didn’t hate it.  I mean I didn’t love the book, but it was done very well, I mean it was great.  It shows a passage of time between characters as well as what the main character is going through in life.  It is a representational art form of James Joyce himself.  One cannot live life and write about it at the same time.  I mean it really was great, I have to admit.  Simply beautiful.

What I liked about this novel was the fact that it was a representation.  Because of that it could be an autobiography, it fact some believe that it is semi-autobiographical.  The name is different and some things are not the same as they were in real life, but over all, it was such an amazing book to read and I’m glad that I re-read it.

Over all, the detail in this book is very well thought out which is why I really liked it the second time around.  Joyce exhibits good characterization and structure.  4/4 ‘s and an “A”.


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