G-Dragon Won’t Allow People Under 19 to Enter Parent’s Pension


It was previously reported that Big Bang’s G-Dragon isn’t just a cool fashionista, but knows how to be a filial son and purchased a million dollar luxurious pension for his parents. It’s also been revealed that he doesn’t want anyone under 19 years of age to enter the property.

G-Dragon’s father had an interview with eNEWS and said, “Ji Yong (aka G-Dragon) raised the cost of renting out the place so teen fans couldn’t come. He also wanted older couples to be able to rent the place. The pension isn’t a place for young people to come so he isn’t letting anyone under 19 to enter. Even if their parents come, teenagers and younger can’t make reservations.”

He went on, “Even if there’s a request to hold a fan meeting at the pension, there’s no plans to let it happen. Don’t like the complexity of it and Ji Yong would definitely have a hard time.. making money isn’t our main goal, but Ji Yong wanted us to be able to live peacefully. We don’t strive to have a lot of people come, but only want people who do come to come quietly and have a peaceful time.”

The reporter asked, “Did G-Dragon asked you to work?” The father replied, “That’s absurd. Ji Yong lived a nice and careful life. He wanted us to live a comfortable life. He didn’t mean anything else by the pension.”

Source: Soompi


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