Machete Kills Producers Sue To Block Sequel’s Release

By:  Sean O’Connell

Ironically, someone is trying to kill Machete Kills. The details, however, aren’t nearly as exciting as that sounds.

Overnight Productions has filed a lawsuit against director Robert Rodriguez and his Quick Draw Productions in hopes of blocking the release of the sequel Machete Kills, which was picked up for distribution by Open Road last month. The dispute, according to Deadline, involves Texas tax-credit information, which Overnight claims they never received. By allegedly hiding this information, it has become difficult for Overnight to determine the fees owed to company executive Rick Schwartz. Overnight is suing to terminate its agreement with Rodriguez allowing him to make another movie based on Machete, a character played by Danny Trejo. If the court order moves forward, it could temporarily block the sequel’s planned release. (It was due to reach theaters in the Spring of 2013.)

And really, can’t we all agree that blocking Machete Kills from reaching theaters hurts everyone? This, after all, is a movie that reportedly features Charlie Sheen playing the President of the United States. And as we reported earlier, it features various sexy actresses in different stages ofundress.

The question, however, is whether the demand for a Machete sequel really warrants a court battle. The first movie only earned $44 million at the worldwide box office (yet still turned a hefty profit because Rodriguez is a master at keeping costs in check). The reviews on the initial film were kind – it earned a 72% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. But it’s unclear whether the joke of a vengeful Machete can sustain another film. If the courts take their time, we might never know what Rodriguez and Trejo have in store. Stay tuned.

Source: Cinema Blend


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