Lightning Returns team reaches development milestone, expects to improve game quality through playtest feedback

By: Erren Van Duine

The Lightning Returns Facebook and Twitter accounts have seen recaps over this past week on topics such as battle customization, time elements, and even day and night cycles.

Today, producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke up for the first time in quite a while, providing a little insight on where Lightning Returns is currently headed, as well as when we can expect some new information.

Kitase says that the development team has reached its one big milestone. The first part of the game has been implemented to some extent, and the team staff have been collecting playtest feedback. Using that feedback, the team hopes to strengthen the game. They’ll repeat this several times over in order to polish the quality of the final product.

While development is progressing well, Kitase stresses that we’ll have to wait a little while longer for more information.

LRFFXIII was 30% complete as of September and is scheduled for release sometime in 2013.

Source: Nova Crystallis


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