Justice League Plot Revealed?

By: Katey Rich

justice_league_34592Much as we might like it to be otherwise, the only person currently confirmed to be working on Warner Bros.Justice League movie is screenwriter Will Beall. The Gangster Squad writer is presumably hard at work putting together a draft good enough to lure in a top-flight director, but while he works, we have nothing to but speculate about what he might bring us– and boy, have we ever been speculating.

The latest bit of kindling to add to the fanboy fire comes from Latino Review, where they say they have the drop on which comic book sources Beall is using to put together the story. DC Comics fans, take note: apparently Gerry Conway‘s Justice League of America Issues #183-185 are serving as source material, telling the story of what happened when Darkseid planned the destruction of Earth by moving Apokolips— the planet he rules– into Earth’s place.

The name Darkseid might be familiar to even non-comics fans, since he was rumored earlier this month to be the film’s villain. Is this all the rumors confirming each other and therefore being true? Or just some confirmation bias– this thing reflects a thing we heard earlier, so clearly, both must be true. There’s no way of knowing now, though the identity of a villain is typically easier to figure out than a movie’s plots, since the character has to be cast at some point. And it’s also worth remembering that a comic used as source material is absolutely no guarantee of what the film’s plot will be. Beall could be basing plenty on Gerry Conway’s arc, but is almost guaranteed to be forging his own ideas as well.

And finally, I point you back to yesterday’s rant, and ask you again: do you really want to know the plot of Justice League? You probably don’t.

Source: Cinema Blend

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