Les Misérables


Breathtaking, wonderful amazing! I absolutely loved this movie so much. The artistic design of the movie was breathtaking and the rawness of the music, the way it vibrated in the theater was amazing. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised at how the movie was developed as well as the casting choices. Granted I spent half the movie remembering that these were The Dictator, Bellatrix, Wolverine, Catwoman and the Gladiator. I know, it’s annoying that I made those comparisons but it is true. That being said, despite those thoughts intruding into my head, I loved this movie and was completely entranced and pleased with the actors’ ability to sing.

The score was amazing, the choreography was spotless and made the movie flow. Having never reading Les Misérables I cannot comment on the adaptation, but I don’t think it butchered the story. In this movie, there was truth, the relentless truth of the matter, the truth of war and the cost of revolution. Unpleasantness happened and this movie did history proud by not shining away from it. Honestly a beautiful movie. 4/4 ★‘s and an “A+”.

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