Shades of Grey (No, not that one)

Shades-of-Grey-229x300All right, so I’ve never written a book review on a collection of short stories before but here goes nothing. Although each story was uniquely different, there was some lacking within the writing department. Now, in my own writing I have been criticized on over use and misplaced use of profanity. I saw a lot of that within each of these short stories. It made enjoying the interesting stories very hard to enjoy. If you over use a word too much it takes all meaning off the words used within the text. That being said the movement within the stories was choppy…for the initial two stories. Lots of going back and forth, disrupting the slow of the story. The third story was good though,, the language was smooth, movement was smoother and it was absolutely chilling. I mean, if anything, read that story, it was great.

Personally, the first two weren’t that good but the third one was worth it provided you get through the rest of the book. 2/5 ‘s and a “C-“.

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