Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book 4)

The Battle of the LabyrinthSome things just get better with age. I acknowledge that that may have been incredibly lame…my apologies, but it was apt. Percy Jackson is approaching his final year and as he gets closer, the forces of Cronus grow larger. Adventure at it’s finest…well not it’s total finest. Annabeth was annoying in this book. Granted her annoyance was due to her human failings it was a bit hard to believe that she was a daughter of Athena. In the book, the facts were laid out before her and all she continues to do was hold onto her false hope and would get on Percy’s case about the whole thing. It was so annoying to read, I mean really, if your friend tries to kill you, or your other friends and puts you in harm’s way in several instances, you would give up at them right? I mean I would but that is just me and that’s what I found most annoying about this novel. It was hard for me to sympathize with her because at some point she had to have known something bad a going to happen. Percy’s development, on the other hand, was way better and structured so much better. He was more realistic, more believable and the narration dialogue within his characterization was incredibly well done, it gave me a reason to root for him other than him just being the protagonist of the novel. I love Percy, he can be obnoxious sometimes but in the end, he’s a good kid who really goes through a lot of stuff. It represents the hardships of his life which, although aren’t relatable (unless you’re a Demi-God) but it really is such a fun personable book which was really easy to read. The language and the way it was structured was just very well done.

Nevertheless, their disagreement and character development did build for a lot of tension within the novel. Their chemistry and affection for one another raised the stakes of who they are in regards to one another and Luke. Luke brings out so much in both of them as well as their relationship. That tension between them, moves the story alongside the plot and heightens the inside problem of the story, Annabeth’s relationship with Luke versus the outside of the story, the driving plot, Cronus’s return to power. Moreover, the addition of the Daedalus story was great and pure ingenious. I have to hand it to Riordan, he sure knows how to weave Greek mythology and children/YA fiction together. It’s simply magnificent.

Additionally, the transitions and the movement in the story were well done, like I said before, it’s a very easy book to follow. I also have to hand it to Riordan and how he cleaned up the mess with Athena having children while also maintaining her chastity. She births her children like she herself was birthed. Odd yes, but also very fitting. 4.5/5 ★‘s and a “B+”.

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