Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms He Will Be Back For Terminator 5

By:  Eric Eisenberg

arnold_schwarzenegger_35258Arnold Schwarzenegger had a very rough weekend. The Last Stand, the movie featuring his first starring role since 2003, absolutely bombed at the box office, opening in ninth place and making only $6.2 million (to put that in perspective, it made less than both Django Unchained and Les Miserables, which are both now in their fourth week of release). The fortunate thing about Schwarzenegger’s career, however, is that he has more than a few franchises that he can fall back on. But none of his original titles are bigger than The Terminator, so it’s no surprise that after this past weekend’s events the Austrian star has reaffirmed that he’s ready to get back in the shades and leather jacket.

Because The Last Stand won’t open in the UK until this Thursday, Schwarzenegger is now in London promoting the movie and while talking to a reporter from Bleeding Cool he confirmed that he is attached to star in the upcoming Terminator 5. Sadly the report doesn’t contain any actual quotes from the star, but the development is actually the second big one in the past week. Last Thursday we reported that Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, writers of Shutter Island and Drive Angry, respectively, have been hired to pen a new draft of the screenplay for Annapurna Pictures and Skydance. The sequel doesn’t currently have a director, though if Fast Five helmer Justin Lin finds room in his schedule the job is still likely his.

But Terminator 5 isn’t the only sequel that Schwarzenegger is currently developing. Earlier this month he once again confirmed interest in a sequelto Twins called Triplets with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy, and back in October we learned that he is signed on to return as the legendary barbarian in Conan The Conqueror. In terms of more original content the star does have Mikael Håfström’s The Tomb coming out later this year and David Ayer‘s Ten set for early 2014. Let’s hope at least one of those does well or the post-governor part of Arnold’s career could end up just being sequels and reboots.

Source: Cinema Blend


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