Square Enix shows off dynamic hair technology in new Luminous Engine videos

By:  Erren Van Duine


Let’s get this out right in front: Agni’s Philosophy is not a game.

It’s a tech demo, and I know there’s been speculation abound as to whether or not Square Enix is going to make it into a game. As of now, they’re not and the developers of the engine have said as much. FFXV will probably be something else, so it’s best not to get hopes up out of fear of running into another FFVII tech demo cycle of remaking begging for a product that doesn’t exist.

That said, Square Enix has released a couple new videos showing off their lovely next generation Luminous Engine for the public to see. Both videos are focused on the engine’s new hair technology, as well as collision and other dynamic reactions and how they work.

Although the engine itself is still under construction, parts of it have been sanctioned for use in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, as well as base ideas in FFXIV’s own custom engine. As we enter the threshold of a new generation, it will be interesting to see how the future of Final Fantasy turns out – for better or worse.

Source: Nova Crystallis


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