The Last Stand

Last_Stand_2013Boom! What a thrilling movie.  I can’t say I enjoyed the villain much, but I went to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and man, that man is still awesome.  HE IS AWESOME!  From the very beginning to the end, the movie flowed with so much action.  But more importantly IT HAD A STORY!  It wasn’t just some dumb movie with non-essential action just for show; it all had a purpose, every gun shot and slam down fit perfectly in the movie.  And then there was the dialogue.  It was brilliant and wonderful and so funny.  When Arnold says “Old” when someone asked how he was feeling, I mean that was the best line in the whole movie.  He is awesome, perfectly awesome.  And then when he’s shooting with the shot gun, Terminator flashbacks!  It was awesome!

The screenplay was also very well done.  There are two stories that seemingly don’t really look as though they would go together, well in the way they eventually converged.  It was done so well.  Granted the fallen hero is a cliché moment in the movie, it was still done well, his death was a powerful one and the moment worked well in the movement of the movie.  This was just a fun, action packed, suspenseful movie!  I loved it!  3/4 ★‘s and a “B+”.


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