Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful CreaturesDefinitely better than Twilight as far as story and acting are concerned, but adaption wise, there was room for improvement.  Having read the book I understood the melodramatic moment and forgave them due to the ending, considering the acting was really good.  Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, enough said in that respect.  However, there were quite a number of changes.  Characters in the book were cut from the film and some character adaptations were not the way they should have been.  I’m not saying that it is a bad adaptation, it was decent enough and considering the time span in the book and the amount of detail that happens, objectively I can understand some of the changes they made to the screen.  Did I like all of them, no, not really, however the movie really got me to the edge of my seat and excited so it was definitely thrilling, especially that ending.  Nevertheless, I digress, granted that I can understand the changes they made to adapt a 500+ page book; I wish they hadn’t made those changes.  There were some things from the novel I think should have been there, and…okay, trying to spoil anything.  Over all, you have a girl who is cursed, a “witch” who falls in love with a mortal who both struggle against forces that threaten to rip them apart.  I want a sequel because the acting was good and despite my reservations, so was the screenplay.  2.5/4 ‘s and a “B-“.


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