Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles: Book 1)

Beautiful Creatures BookAn absolutely amazing novel. The concept of witches has been done again and again since the days of Charmed and has progressed to so many realms. But what this novel does is reinterpret the not just the story, but also the mythology of the witches themselves. Even, the name Casters is a new take on the story and supernatural aspect of the story.

The internal battle itself, between light and dark, is a cliché concept that has been redeemed. There is nothing cliché about this, the struggle here, the characterization brings something new to the table. Granted, the revelation that Sarafine was her mother was a bit predictable, but it raised the stakes of the story and created a lot of tension.

Honestly, this book was amazing; I had such a hard time putting it down. Especially that ending, I kept on reading well into the night despite the fact that I had an 8AM class. But I digress, Narrative was great, the story telling of another character through another s eyes was super well done, and it further developed the relationship between Ethan and Lena. I absolutely loved it. 4/5 ★ ‘s and a “B+”.


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