Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles: Book 3)

Beautiful and spellbinding, a great book for the young adults of this generation. What I loved about this story was how it flowed, how it moved and picked up the ending. I have to say it progressed very well and picked up neatly. The style of this novel was amazing. The ending, which was unsuspecting and threw me such a huge curve ball was done beautifully. Instead of showing us the descent of the character through text and description, drove us into []

Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles: Book 2)

The magic and love wove a romantic struggle in darkness and light, thrilling the reader. I have to say the characterization I this novel was amazing and the connection between the characters was excellently portrayed in the writing.  I both loved and hated that only because Lena’s character was really beginning to annoy me by shutting herself and disconnecting herself from the other character.  Despite the annoyance it was great characterization.  The introduction of more characters was good too.  Olivia and John []

Beautiful Creatures

Definitely better than Twilight as far as story and acting are concerned, but adaption wise, there was room for improvement.  Having read the book I understood the melodramatic moment and forgave them due to the ending, considering the acting was really good.  Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, enough said in that respect.  However, there were quite a number of changes.  Characters in the book were cut from the film and some character adaptations were not the way they should have been.  I’m not []

Why Alice Englert Almost Turned Down Beautiful Creatures And What Changed Her Mind

By:  Eric Eisenberg Ever since the young adult novel adaptation phase hit Hollywood the results have been quite mixed. While certainly some franchises have found incredible success with critics, there have been more than a few others that not only fail to be good movies, but also simply feel like they were made just for the quick cash grab. So it’s understandable that when Alice Englert, first learned about < em>Beautiful Creatures and its origin in the young adult novel world, it’s understandable []