CeremonyBeautiful and mesmerizing, honestly, one of the most honest pieces of writing I have read in a long time.  Silko in her novel Ceremony was able to really write of the true hardships of the Pueblo Indians, hardships that not only plagued them, but also plagued other Native societies.

Tayo, the main protagonist is trying to survive in a world that does not want him after he has come back from WWII with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.  As a half-breed, being half white and half Indian, he has no place that would accept him.  His Aunt holds the shame of him, makes him aware that he is not accepted and his “friends” mock him as well.

With the shame and his struggle for self-acceptance, Tayo finds his way in the most hones way as possible: by reconnecting with nature.  Every page features nature and an animal co-aligning with his character.  In this beautiful novel, Silko highlights the necessity of “story”, the true essence that connects us humans to the world and shows just how important the land and animals are in society, something that has been lost in culture and society.  Simply a beautiful book.  5/5 ★‘s and an “A+”.

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