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Today on Spotify reviewing Dreamwalkers, a novel that takes too long to develop and requires much effort on the reader to be engaged. Continue reading Dreamwalkers Review on Spotify

Assassin’s Creed III’s main character – everything we know so far We find revelations in the details

Everything we know

His name is Connor, and he’s an assassin.

We don’t have all that much information on Assassin’s Creed III’s main character, but after looking at thebox art, the images released in Game Informer, and the leaks from different magazines and websites, we’re able to learn a lot about him. Take a look at all we’ve been able to gather as we go through everything we know about the new hero.

Be sure to check back from time to time as we update this list as new information is revealed. It’ll grow and grow as we learn more.

His name is Connor

The new protagonist finally has a name. Actually, he technically has two. He was born Ratohnhaké:ton, but now he calls himself Connor. We don’t know why, but we’re guessing it has something to do with his mixed heritage (which we’ll explain later)

He’s half Mohawk Native American

Several parts of the new assassin’s outfit confirm what was already rumored: he’s a Native American. From his boots to the eagle on his hood to the beaded arm band, everything about his outfit looks reminiscent of typical Native American attire, or at least what movies and television shows have told us their attire in the 1700s looked like.

Further information reveals that he’s actually half Native American – the son of a Mohawk Native American woman and a British man.

He uses a tomahawk in the shape of the Assassin’s Creed “A”

The new assassin’s tomahawk looks like it’s going to be his crowbar. Every image shows it in his hand, ready to be plunged into the chest of a British soldier (or, more likely, general). The fact that it’s shaped like the Assassin’s Creed “A” makes it even cooler, and we can’t… Continue reading Assassin’s Creed III’s main character – everything we know so far We find revelations in the details