Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack_the_Giant_Slayer_posterOverall a decent movie.  The plot was quick and fast paced but at times, I was feeling a lack of connection between Jack (Nicholas Hoult) and the Princess (Eleanor Tomlinson).  But the intensity brought to the movie by the actors was very well done and jumped off the screen making me believe…that was until I saw the giant.  The CGI could have been better, dragons now and days even look real on the part of animators, but I think they were trying too hard to make them look grotesque that it took away from what could have been really good CGI effects.  The deviousness on the part of the characters though was good and every death was truly unexpected.  Oh but before I forget, some of the dialogue was hilarious.

The worst part of this movie was the ending.  The very last two minutes modernized the movie which was crap, I’m sorry but it was.  We didn’t need that in the end, it was superfluous and killed the movie.  In Once Upon A Time, they modernize it in a good time, but to connect Jack the Giant Slayer to reality with that ending was ridiculous.  My opinion, leave the theater as he’s telling the story at the end, movie would have been much better that way.  2/4 ★’s and a “B-“.

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