Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles: Book 2)

Beautiful DarknessThe magic and love wove a romantic struggle in darkness and light, thrilling the reader.

I have to say the characterization I this novel was amazing and the connection between the characters was excellently portrayed in the writing.  I both loved and hated that only because Lena’s character was really beginning to annoy me by shutting herself and disconnecting herself from the other character.  Despite the annoyance it was great characterization.  The introduction of more characters was good too.  Olivia and John raised the stakes of the story and brought out more sides of the characters Ethan and Lena.  And there was way more to Ridley and Link, more sides of them that we got to see which made for a very interesting sub-plot twist.  And the twist in the plot line was good and well developed and made me so happy in the ending!  Loved it!

All in all a decent enough book that I just loved and that ending, blew my mind!  3/5 ★’s and a B.


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