Jurassic Park 4 Back On For A 2015 Release?

By: Nick Venable

_38134If you really want to get your dinosaur fix in the next couple of years, you may only have Neil Nightingale and Pierre De Lespinos’ CGI animated Walking With Dinosaurs to look forward to. And while that actually does look like a pretty interesting little flick, sci-fi and adventure fans have been clamoring for another Jurassic Park movie, even though the recent Jurassic Park 3D re-release is almost definitely already better than any sequel that ends up getting made, if it ever gets made. And it will get made. Probably.


According to Coming SoonJurassic Park 4 is targeted to hit theaters in 2015. (Unless it doesn’t.) The news comes from the 2013 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, which dropped news on everything from more Game of Thrones beer to Ray Charles stamps. But more dino-friendly fans will be interested in the Universal Pictures banner seen below, which places the sequel’s release in 2015.

Of course, this vaguest-of-vague banner could be announcing anything from a video game to an actual theme park, rather than an actual movie, but the Expo book states that the sequel will be shot in 3D, which Coming Soon didn’t confirm with the studio as of this writing. If that would be the case, then the film just got a lot cooler-sounding, at least to me. After the dreadfully blahJurassic Park III, I would gladly take on a third dimension if it meant not having to sit through a story rehash. Maybe the new dinosaur being promoted for the film will sport a ping pong paddle that it can use to freak viewers out with the lifelike rubber ball being hurled at them while dinosaur shrieks echo through the air. Seriously though, this makes so much more sense than a post-conversion. As good as the original film looked with the added depth, it would have been spectacular had the 3D route been available back then.

The franchise is now in the hands of Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow, who has already seen his film get delayed from its June 2014 release date, which means Trevorrow could have gone off to do any project he wanted. But he’s apparently still attached, and the script he’ll use will still be the one written by Rise of the Planet of the Apes screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. (Unless it isn’t.)

The reason the film was delayed in the first place is because the script was more ambitious than the producers were initially prepared for. So now they have another year to prep and get this flick to dino-soar into theaters. Will it be worth the wait?

Source: Cinema Blend

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