Daylighters (The Morganville Vampires, #15) | Book Review


By: Rachel Caine

Published: November 5, 2013

Publisher: Penguin Group

Series: Morganville Vampires

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

Morganville, Texas has always had its share of issues as the humans feared the night and their Vampire neighborhs, but as Claire Danvers makes her way home, she finds that the Morganville she left behind was not the one she returned to. Everything has changed as the organization called the Daylight Foundation has cleaned up Morganville and offered the humans a vampire-free future. But the more Claire and her friends dig, they find themselves caught in a war, in a change that is far more sinister and deadly than any Vampire.

Well that was certainly an adventure. This novel follows Claire’s return to her home in Morganville, Texas, but’s certainly not the home she remembered. So many things have changed throwing these characters into an unknown world, the world they once called home. For these characters, they have discovered that the day is more fearful than the night and that there are deadlier beings than Vampires out there. That a great way to end the series. Caine really has a way of writing out this story, capturing the important events of books past and tieing them up to make the story come full circle. With that mind, we have a rich story. There is no need to go back and read the events of what happened because it’s all summarized beautifully in various intervals of the novel. That makes the story come full circle, from beginning to end and gives the story and this adventure a proper close.

The characters are each unique and individual and offer the readers not that cliché rag tag team of heroes, but rather various heroes. Each character influences the others and brings to light other aspects of the others. They each have their weaknesses and each have their strengths that become a shared strength. Caine has a wonderful way of putting us into the psyche of a character and describing others, from facial expressions down to dialogue and the scene specifics. With any given circumstance, or with a change in circumstance the characters adapt and are vibrant. These characters stick out and the bad guys, oh they are simply despicable and you can’t help but read because you really want to see Claire and her friends take them down. Which was, in the end, amazing.

As far as Vampire’s go, Caine knows how to make them stand out. They each have a history, which is sometimes forgotten because everyone is so enamored by the Vampire genre, the history, the lore behind them is occasionally forgotten. But Caine does a brilliant job of giving us bits, however tiny, of a Vampire’s given history. Their history is, after all, what made them what they are.

Daylighters is an incredibly rich story that is by no means cliché. It makes you question who the bad guys really are and who the good guys are while at the same time giving the readers believable characters in a fictional world. Although the end was sweet, the struggle for it made it that much more beautiful and tantalizing. The day may belong to the humans but the night will always be filled with terrors. ★★★★☆ (B+)

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