Aquaman movie in the works?

By: Cynthia A.

So there has been many rumors about the King of Atlantis getting his own movie, especially after the success of the Batman Trilogy and Man of Steel and Warner Bros and Disney planon milking the superhero franchise for all it’s worth as they continue to compete against Marvel Studios which is rocking the film franchise right now.  But is a Aquaman movie really the way they should go?

You’ll get no argument from me that Superman and Batman are the power houses in the DC Comics Universe, along with Wonder Woman, but many hardcore comic fans found themselves upset with The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel.  If you’re a hardcore fan you know why those movies pissed me off, and if you’re not go find someone who is, or message me on tumblr or twitter, I will deliver you the geekiest sermon available.  Not only that, but the NBC revival of Wonder Woman didn’t even make it to the small screen while the Green Lantern movie just sucked. 

However, Smallville lasted 10 seasons, started and ending strong even though there were those crappy seasons I would prefer never happened, and Arrow, the latest DC Comics TV showis gaining fans near and wide, capturing the Green Arrow perfectly.  In addition, it’s no argument that The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel made big bucks, but again, those two are the mainstream heroes of the DC Universe, they were bound to succeed, if anything, for the hype.  Still despite those successes, DC is losing out in Hollywood to Marvel, and it’s no surprise why.

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are obsessed by rebooting their film franchise repeatedly to find the right actor and capture the right cast.  Marvel isn’t doing that, they are taking what they have, working with Marvel comics in hand, and doing their best to get it right the first time.  Warner Bros and DC Entertainment also are obsessed by making a movie for every damn hero.  Again, that is doing more harm than good.

So again, is making a movie about the King of Atlantis, who has been a joke of a hero for the longest time really the smartest choice?  Now, I love Aquaman, he is amazing and awesome and if they make a movie Geoff Johns should write the screenplay for it, but if you ask me, they would have better luck grabbing audiences if they started it off as a Television show.

Now there have been no actual plans made yet on the movie or casting decisions, but considering that DC is losing out Marvel again and again, a movie about the hero who used to bethe lamest on the team may not be the smartest way to go.  If Geoff Johns were working on it and the casting was right, easily I would see it and it might just be a success considering that the Aquaman comic is one of DC’s best-selling comics right now.  He’s tough with a dark side and really quite volatile.  Not to mention Mera makes all the difference being his rockstar hot, tough and awesome partner.  But see this is all based on a history that has been long established and you need movie that proceeds this along with a villain that is plausible but not mainstream.  Maybe start out with Black Manta then they have to put their differences aside to stop his brother Orm in the second movie.  That’s just a few thoughts.

What do you guys think about an Aquaman movie? 

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