Can You Help Courtney the Cat?

By: Melanie Renee Katz | ALLSTON, MA


Originally a stray looking to survive in the big city of Boston, Courtney first introduced herself to the residents at 72 Gardner St. in Allston in early September. She made her home in the courtyard of the apartment building, where for the first time she could live in tranquility and without fearing for her survival.

Over the last few months, this sweet little girl has gone from surviving to thriving with the help of everybody in the building. Two collars, many hugs, and numerous bowls of food and water later, we realized that it was time to bring her to the vet. So we scraped up the funds to bring her to the local vet’s office to make sure our favorite resident and companion would be with us for a long time.

She returned with a clean bill of health, with one exception- her teeth are severely rotted out due to gingivitis from too many years living on the street. Worst of all, unlike the food, water, or shelter that we at Gardner Street could provide for her, we are short of one thing; the large amount of funds needed to fix her teeth.

Courtney, our friend and companion for whom we have done everything possible to make comfortable, is still suffering. And it will only get worse if it goes without treatment. While she may appear to cope well with the severe inflammation that the gingivitis may cause at present, this is an infection that could potentially undo everything we have worked for in giving this loving cat a home that equally loves her back- and more.

Any amount that you can spare to donate to Courtney would mean an immense amount. She is no longer just a stray cat who lives in the courtyard of the apartment complex; she is Courtney our courtyard cat, and a meaningful part of the community at 72 Gardner St.

Thank you so much for your time, attention, and consideration, and I hope that you will consider donating to a cause that has not only made a difference in the life of a cat, but the entire community to which she is central.

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