Ironside Cancelled

By: Cynthia A.

There was a lot of controversy over this show around the fact that Blair Underwood is not a paraplegic.  I don’t know why this show was isolated from other shows that do that, like Glee for instance.  That really bothers me that a lot of people took immense offense to it and singled out this show.  Personal feelings aside, if you disagree with something then make noise of course, but make sure that you are going to be fair about it, otherwise shut your mouth.

That aside, the fault also lies with NBC which has a history of sucking when it comes to remakes.  Look at Bionic Woman.  I never actually watched the remake of that show but I wanted to.  Before I got the chance though it was cancelled after 3 or 5 five episodes because the ratings sucked.  Ironside had better writing and better ratings than Hostages on CBS.  Oh and lets not forget the failure that would have been Wonder Woman.  That didn’t even get aired, a fact of which I am eternally thankful.  That aside, it’s safe to say that NBC sucks at remakes.  Not only that but if something is not rising to the expectations that the had, they would rather lose money and cancel the show before all the filmed episodes are aired.  They make their money off commercials and now with other shows filming, they are out money.  NBC has a habit of doing that, has a habit of cancelling shows before they even really begin.

NBC sucks across the board anyway, they move their shows around too often, they suck at advertising, once a show starts all advertising for it stops which is stupid and they are fickle bastards.  But what can you expect from a moronic corporation?  That’s a story for another day.

Ironside had good writing.  The show was gritty and it was gritty for a purpose, to showcase that paraplegic people don’t live in a safe bubble, that they are just as capable as people who are not in wheelchairs.  Everyone has a problem with NBC not getting a paraplegic but the writers wrote the show with flashbacks, flashbacks that showcased who he was and who he is now.  Was it a clutch?  Of course it was a clutch, both for the writers, the network and the actors, but what all three of things tried to do was brings an old legend back to life.  This show was like the original but so different and it was those differences that I appreciated.  If I wanted it to be a copycat I would watch the original Ironside, and I can watch that everyday at 11AM on MeTV.

However, this show will never get the chance to be something and no one it seems it going to be objective about it…unfortunately.  And that is quite a shame.

Source: TV Ratings, NBC 

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