A Blood Seduction (Vamp City, #1) | Book Review

Review by: Cynthia A.

image By: Pamela Palmer

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published: May 29, 2012

Series: Vamp City Series

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Adult, Horror

Vamp City, built on a plane coexisting alongside Washington D.C., is losing it’s footing.  A city, magically built for Vampire’s, a city locked in eternal twilight.  The magic protecting this place is fading, the only hope lies with Quinn Lennox who accidentally falls into this Vamp City and finds herself at the mercy of Arturo Mazza, a dangerously and handsome whose kiss saves her, enslaves her before betraying her.  But the kiss that sealed her fate, has bewitched him as well.  But while neither is letting their desire get between their missions for survival, except for Quinn Lennox, escape from Vamp City, is less than easy.

Now this is how Vampire’s should be written.  The Vampire’s that Palmer has brought to life in this novel are frightening and dashing as the same time.  While not all are sadistic, the masses are, thus making them a frightening sort.  They are the creatures we were told to fear in the night, not the ones the newer generation has been told to love because they are just oh so very dashing.  A kin to Dracula and Anne Rice’s Vampire’s, these creatures, while enigmatic, are a dangerous lot, and Palmer highlights that with every chance she gets.

The narrative is well structured and well written.  The desperation and the fear, alongside the pain the main character Quinn feels just leaps off the page.  Everything about her character is astounding; she’s a strong heroine which is both a very appealing and popular theme in Vampiric fiction.  A woman who does not let her inhibitions distract her from her true mission of saving her brother and escaping the dark Vamp City.  Not only that but she is far from perfect, which makes her an incredibly grounded character and one that is easily relatable.  While she is strong, her own self-doubts and insecurities make her a worthwhile character that is full of lots of depth.  It also helps that her snarky dialogue makes her personable.

There is also the descriptive nature of the book, the detail that was put into Vamp City.  While it is also symbolic, a land where everything just seems to be dead and death literally growth from the ground, it reflects the nature of the Vampires.  Aesthetically the Vampires are vain and meticulous about themselves, but for everything else, they care not.  That goes hand in hand with the representation of the Vampire’s.  Palmer has found a way to strip them of the attractive cliché that has marked them.  They are monsters, creatures that seek death in the dark, creatures that while alluring, are dangerous and should be fears.  That is a concept that seems to have been lost in today’s age.

Additionally,  Arturo is the perfect depiction of a torn and tortured soul, while also stepping out of the cliché representation of it.  He is comfortable with what he is, and a snake about it.  But while that is true, out of all the vampires, he is the one who treats his slaves well enough to inspire such loyalty to himself.  He can be quite rotten at times, but his narrative highlights his own inner turmoils that stem from his attraction to Quinn.  But like Quinn, his romantic scruples do not distract him, or better yet, he won’t let them distract him…much.

A very well written novel.  ★★★★☆ (B+)

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