Polka Dot

By: Aileen Walden

image Nature can be cruel. And so can people.

So when I heard Polka Dot the kitten survived raging floodwaters and bone chilling cold—only to have cruel hands stuff her into a carrier crammed with trash so she’d be thrown out with the garbage, I knew I had to contact you.

I’m Aileen Walden, Director of Community Programs & Support at Alley Cat Allies. Support like yours meant one of our rapid response partners had the resources to respond when they were tipped off and save Polka Dot.

But whether it’s the cruel hand of nature or people or both, cats suffer. That’s why to fund our rapid response network and fight for tough anti-cruelty laws in 2014, we need you.

With just 86 hours to raise $131,840, can we count on your tax-deductible donation to be there when cats and kittens are in mortal danger?

Rush your tax-deductible donation of $35 or more to Alley Cat Allies by midnight, December 31. Help us fight to save cats’ lives in 2014, wherever they need us.

It’s upsetting to think Polka Dot could survive a natural disaster, then fall into the wrong hands and nearly be killed by a cruel act—cruelty that you and I know all too well this year. We saw it in Ohio with the five little kittens killed with a gun in their yard by a ‘humane’ officer. And MommaCat, who was brutally shot in cold blood in Florida.

Yet your donation of $35 or more to Alley Cat Allies now will work for cats on every front: tirelessly fighting for zero tolerance anti-cruelty laws and ordinances that protect cats, educating communities, and keeping our rapid response network at the ready.

Donate in the next 86 hours to help us accomplish all those things, plus much more. Your gift is tax deductible and will save lives.

Please help. Rush your tax-deductible gift of $35 or more to Alley Cat Allies by our midnight December 31 deadline. Cats and kittens like Polka Dot can’t wait.

Right now, your steady year-end support to Alley Cat Allies is their lifeline.

Thanks for being there,

Aileen Walden
Director of Community Programs & Support
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. After Colorado’s floods this fall, support like yours mobilized Alley Cat Allies’ rapid response network. We rushed aid to local groups for medical care, spay/neuter surgeries, food, humane traps, and more—aid that months later rescued Polka Dot after she’d fallen into cruel hands. From rapid response to anti-cruelty, our lifesaving work for cats depends on you: Rush your year-end gift now.

Source: Alley Cat Allies

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