Alien Zombies – A Theory on ABC’s new show “Resurrection”

Alien Zombies.  Just think for a moment of invasion of the body snatchers. They took over their bodies and hardwired the DNA, let it take over while also remaining the dominate personality.  But that was with living people, not the dead.

Young Jacob returned home
Young Jacob returned home

In Resurrection the dead are coming to life, popping out over the place and they are carbon copies of those that died, taking in the DNA and having it override their own to make them better fit in, taking on the memories, the experiences, love and fear that the characters went through.

And they’re dead and eat as much as Sally did in Being Human when she was a zombie and they never sleep.

Alien Zombies.

Caleb's dark secret revealed.
Caleb’s dark secret revealed.

It makes perfect sense because the dead don’t just come back to life without consequences, and they aren’t the dead, they’re copies of the dead. Early on in the season they exhumed the body of Jacob, the little boy who died, who drowned…his body was still in the coffin.  What’s more is the fact that they are copies of what they were buried.  It’s freaky, but incredibly captivating.

It’s just very interesting to see how much these characters, eat and how they look just like they died.  Why they are coming back now, after thirty years.  In addition, it’s not just happening at once.  Every few days someone who died is coming back, the length of time that maybe the aliens are taking to copy a dead body.

Her father died...but the secrets he bought back were darker than she ever thought.
Her father died…but the secrets he bought back were darker than she ever thought.

The mystery behind this show is written more science fiction based than it is religiously based so it allows the viewer to think of what I’m thinking.  It builds the story and in each episode, something unexpected happens to show the viewer that the people coming back to life are dark, evil even.  Murderers, suicides, thieves.  There is something unexpected that the writers put in to twist the plot line and make the mystery.

Although personally, I think I’ll stick with my alien zombie theory…until I’m disproved.  Seriously, you can’t act like that and still not be dead in some fashion.

The show is based on “The Returned” by Jason Mott and stars Omar Epps, Frances Fisher,  Kurtwood SmithDevin Kelley & Matt Craven.

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