Meet Nia Dragin and her new novel “Blood Hunger”

wpid-CAM00031-1.jpgMost authors create pseudonyms to remain anonymous, and for the most part that’s what I want. I’ve already written one novel and self-published it, but that was so long ago and I was far too impatient and overly confident in my writing to actually look at what I had written. So I’m not going to mention the title and I don’t recommend it to anyone. Structurally it’s missing so much and the character development is very limited.

Now years have passed and I have taken strains to make this next novel I am working on have substance. I’m self-publishing it not because I’m impatient and not because I can’t find a literally agent but rather because I want to start my own publishing company and have complete control over the rights of my new novel. I’ve poured my heart and soul into the novel, edited it 5 times, added and subtracted details, worked on my character dynamics and growth. Do I think it’s ready? Maybe not but I know that if I keep poking and prodding at it, at this point I will only be doing my novel harm. Am I proud of the outcome? Heck yeah! Comparing it to my first novel, it has something the other didn’t: a focused narrative and a mysterious sub-plot with an ending that isn’t underwhelming and even caught me by surprise.

Blood Hunger (Eclipsing Trilogy, #1)
Blood Hunger (Eclipsing Trilogy, #1)

Blood Hunger is the first novel in my upcoming trilogy. I own my copyright and the rights to the novel and characters and already have it formatted for the Kindle and Nook. Before I hit publish though I need to purchase my ISBN’s which is not cheap.

My novel focuses on two characters, brother and sister Eris and Selene Sintas. They live in a realm of magic, where Witches are the lower class and Reborns, angelic like creatures are the higher class. I based my Reborns off of Queen Angella from She-Ra: Princess of Power. Reborns are creatures of light and they are forever hunted by Shadowlings who are a lot like Black Lanterns from DC Comics, immortal beings like Vampyre’s but far deadlier and near impossible to destroy. Selene and Eris are caught in the middle of a war unknown to everyone, a war between the Sister Goddess of light and darkness. She of the Darkness has a plot and a desire to destroy her sisters creations, the Reborns.

Are there Vampyre’s in the novel? Yeah, there are, but remember my main protagonists are Witches.

I’s excited about this novel and I hope others will enjoy it too. I’ve worked hard and done as much as I can and when I compare it to past writing, I can see the difference. Growing as a writer involves growing as a person and my creative writing classes at Emerson College have done so much to help me in both.

Stay tuned for more details on my upcoming novel “Blood Hunger“.

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