Hannibal Season 2 – Just a Dream?

By: Cynthia Ayala

I’m a huge fan of Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Even Hannibal Rising has a great premise coupled with a thought out cast. Therefore, when I first heard that NBC was going to be turning the one of the most iconic film series into a TV Series, I was thrilled. Thomas Harris, the creator of Hannibal Lector, build up one of the most iconic characters out there, and the show’s writers, creators and actors. However, this last season, while it started out well, rather took a nosedive.

The past few episodes, I kept reminding sounding like from ‘Guy’ from Galaxy Quest asking the same two questions repeatedly: Have they even watched the movies? Have they even read the books?

Why? Because, while I can understand why Brian Fuller would like to take his own route Hannibal Lector, he has to remember, this is the work created by someone else, that has a very large fan base, and he has to do what the filmmakers did: respect the author and his work and respect the fan base.

Red Dragon
Red Dragon

While some changes here and there are fine in regards to casting, the story should ultimately lead up to Red Dragon. If you haven’t read the novel or seen the film, I strongly advise you to, it’s brilliant. Anyway, the movie opens with Hannibal serving dinner (viewers can gleam that it’s obviously the cellist who has gone missing – it’s the topic of discussion at dinner). Then, when dinner is over, Will Graham comes to talk to Lector, and of course, they’re all buddy-buddy…until Will confronts him and there is this epic showdown leading to Grahams intense hospitalization and Lector’s imprisonment.

Jack Crawford bleeding out from neck wound
Jack Crawford bleeding out from neck wound

So when I saw the end of the first season, while I was captivated, I had a few questions as to the direction they were going. Nevertheless, I never thought that ending was going to happen, not like that. The entire cast has been killed, major characters like Chilton, Jack Crawford (most likely), and Dr. Bloom. With that much blood spilt, it’s highly unlikely that major characters other than Graham are going to survive.

hannibal-2-07-bloody-chiltonAlthough Bryan Fuller has hinted that characters like Chilton may not be dead (he got shot in the cheek, not the head, a survivable wound), with the wounds inflicted on the cast in the Season 2 Finale, I find myself desperately hoping that this season has been nothing more than a medically induced coma to help Will and that this season has been nothing more than some paranoid delusional nightmare for Will.

A girl can hope can’t she?

Of course, I understand that many people may disagree with me, and that’s cool, this is just an opinion piece after all. I’m still going to be tuning in for the Season 3 premiere to see what happens, and if it’s done well enough, I may stay hooked for half the season, if not the full season.

Don’t’ get me wrong, the show has a strong cast that bring life into this characters, while also creating unique scenes of horror coupled with beautiful visionary styles, but it seems to be going so far off tangent that it’s losing me. Honestly, did these guys even watch the movies?

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