A Lovely Tale to End a Saga | Review of Fyre (Septimus Heap, #7)

By: Cynthia Ayala

The final novel in the Septimus Heap series.  How does this novel stand in comparison to the rest?  Read this review to find out what made the series and this novel captivating and why it was a beautiful ending to a magical tale.

982472Author: Angie Sage

Published: April 16, 2013

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Series: Septimus Heap

Genre: Juvenile Fantasy, Coming-of-Age, Adventure

Jenna will soon be Queen and Beetle is now Chief Hermetic Scribe. Septimus, however, must rid the Castle of the Darke Domaine by destroying the Two-Faced Ring. His skills in both Magyk and Physik will be tested, as will his loyalties.  But the Two-Faced ring has more tricks behind it’s gold plating that brings back the past and puts everyone’s lives in peril.

Angie Sage has done it again.  For years, the story of Septimus Heap has marveled young readers with her fun and heartwarming stories.  And here is the last novel in the Septimus Heap series, concluding the tale of the seventh son of the seventh son and ExtraOrdinary Apprentice.

Published by Katherine Tegen Books on April 16th, 2013, Fyre is a coming of age story filled with adventure as it gives young readers a taste of the fantasy.  Not only does this novel follow young Septimus Heap in his 15th year, but also the young Princess Jenna as she comes into her Queen Training and finally meets her dead ghost mother.  There is a lot of detail in the novel, a lot of depth and characterization that will captivate the reader, no matter their age.

Within this realm, there is a lot of detail, and a lot of backstory, so it’s recommended to reread, even skim the previous novels to remember all the important and small details that were within the previous novels.  That’s not to say that this novel doesn’t sum up all the detail in the past novels, but it doesn’t do it with precise clarity, leaving the reader stumbling at times.  This novel is rich with detail, story and history, and that is where the problem lies.  This is a series that’s garnered for the young, and the rich detail and history will send them spinning as readers, no matter the age, struggle to remember details from the previous novels.

However, the reader can push past these circumstances.  The detail within the novel and the adventure’s that these characters take to finally out an end to the darkness that has been threatening all of them since before they were born.  The story opens with a scene from the past that explains why these children were the ones that had to embark on all the adventures, why within each novel they had to rise to the occasion and find their inner strength and power.  The unity within the characters, the connection between each and every one of them, not just throughout the series but within this novel especially, is masterful.  Sage has captured the enormity of their growth, their maturity and strength that makes them such believable characters.

As a whole, the narrative in the novel was beautifully done.  Time passes quickly within the novel, a lot of miscellaneous scenes that are hinted at but thoroughly flushed out due to the fact that they are not important to the story as a whole.

Over all, the best features of the novel are the differing characterization, the dynamic and the rich detail from scene to scene.  The reader will be sucked into the series as each page is a painting of beautifully placed words.  ★★★ ½ (out of 5 ☆’s | B)

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