New Stars Wars Villain May Have Boba Fett Connection

By: Cynthia Ayala

For anyone who is a true Star Wars nerd, the term “Mandalorian” shouldn’t be foreign to you. After all, it’s the Mandalorian armor that made both Boba Fett and his father, Jango Fett, amazing characters and forces to be reckoned with. But now, rumors are rising that Mandalorians will play a big part in the continuance of one of the most popular franchises.

According to the Latino-Review (cited as a source below), sources have revealed to them that important roles Mandalorians will have in Star Wars: Episode VII. For anyone who has read the novels, we know what Mandalorians are, but for those of you who do not, they are a culture of nomadic clan people, many of whom are bounty hunters and/or mercenaries. No surprise there, who doesn’t want to live up to the name Fett. Besides, if you’re going to be a bounty hunter, the cultural aspect of being able to move around has it’s advantages.

J. J. Abrams has said that there will be “Jedi Hunters” in the next film that will operate as the main antagonists, so does it mean the Mandalorians will be taking on that role? I’d be impressed and it would certainly be a nice breath away from the Sith and a great lead into them.

According to Cinema Blend, the rumor is as follows:

“…part of Star Wars: Episode VII‘s plot will follow three mercenaries – two of whom are said to be played by Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver – as they attempt to try and rid the universe of the Jedi.”

With this statement, other sources have described these chararacters as “scary individuals, dressed in black, some helmeted.” Now, while this doesn’t necessarily scream Mandalorian, it could be a possibility (although, if you ask me, they still sound like Sith).

Additionally, there is the rumor that the Witches of Dathomir will be making an appearance. There are no specifics regarding that rumor or the involvement of these “Sith Witches”. If you’re unfamiliar with these girls, they are a group of human force-sensitive’s descended from a banished Jedi Knight and living on a primitive planet in the Extended Universe books. (The books are awesome, pick one up).

Both of the rumors are very enticing, and both possibilities would be something fresh in the film world and the Star Wars Universe.

Source: Cinema Blend, Nerd Reactor, Latino-Review

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