Each Note Highlights Hope | Review of ‘Begin Again’

By: Cynthia Ayala

Begin Again is a heartwarming film all about getting back on your feet and finding hope again, leaving the viewers longing for more of the beautiful music and applauding the outstanding performances.

072314_0612_EachNoteHig1.pngDirected by: John Carney

Written by: John Carney

Starring: Keira KnightleyMark RuffaloHailee Steinfeld, Adam LevineCatherine KeenerJames CordenCeeLo GreenYasiin Bey

Genre: Comedy dramaRomance

Gretta and her long-time boyfriend Dave are college sweethearts and songwriting partners who decamp for New York when he lands a deal with a major label. But with his new found fame comes the seduction of other women and a reeling, lovelorn Gretta is left on her own. But when Dan comes her way, stumbling to her in his own darkness, the pair form an exhilarating, enchanting and transformative partnership that takes them on a journey through New York as they make an album.

Now this was a very beautiful and moving film. The beginning was a little dark and slow even, but it really showed where the characters came from, what has put them in their darkest hours and why their relationship in the film grows and develops, helping them both in their dark hours. As an opening, the darkness sucks the readers in and already helps viewers sympathize for these characters. Viewers also see what makes them tick and why the music they create for this film should be appreciated.

As the movie brings these two characters together, after we see how they got to this part in their lives, and for both, it’s relatable. They are the brokenhearted in the world but what makes this film powerful is that they bounce back from it and grow from their experiences, with the help of one another. While there is the subtext of a romantic relationship between the two main characters, that is left unexplored throughout the film as it focuses on the characters and their original relationships. Additionally, what makes this film stand out among the throng of relationship based movie, is the fact that it goes against the typical response towards infidelity as it is portrayed in the mass media. When the man cheats, she does not forgive, and when the woman cheats, he wants nothing more than to take her back in his arms. The movie is about bouncing back from the setbacks that life delivers and allowing these setbacks to be steps for something greater that life has to offer.

Heartbreak happens in the world, that is a fact, and there are many setbacks, but this movie is about hope, finding hope when all seems lost and regaining self-confidence to move on become something more. New beginnings are all around us, this movie highlights that, and coupled with the amazing talent in this movie, it’s brilliant.

The connection between the characters and the way the actors showcased all the emotions and connected their characters with one another was amazing. Keira Knightley is such a brilliant actress as she stepped into this role and brought to life her character, giving the music that was composed for this film, heart. The strength her character exuded and her vocals and emotion she put into each note was spellbinding. And then you have Mark Ruffalo who was outstanding! He brought so much visual pain as his character seeks to try again and escape from the darkness that was befallen his life. But his journey, the way he portrays his characters evolution and growth, it’s brilliant. Mark Ruffalo is such an amazing actor and the partnership between him and Keira Knightley was perfect for this film. ★★★★ (A+)

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