Review of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’

Red, White & Royal Blue is a rare and uplifting novel that tells a queer romance story with both honesty and joy. Continue reading Review of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’

A Look Back at Stardust

By Cynthia Ayala


Hello there avid readers. So I have decided to do something completely unprecedented. You know, instead of doing homework and being academically productive, I have decided to take this Columbus Day holiday to be lazy and give myself a day of rest. Because everyone is entitled to a day off every so often right. So this weekend I decided to re-watch Stardust on Netflix. Don’t believe I have a review of it so here we go!

Stardust stars Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Charlie Cox as the three main actors of the film. Based on the novel of the same title by Neil Gaiman, the film is a romantic comedy/adventure film about a young man who on his way to capture a fallen star in order to win the hand of the woman he loves. But while this is a romance film, it’s also a film about coming of age, about finding where you belong in the world and where everything fits in. It’s a fun film that received many well deserved reviews. Continue reading “A Look Back at Stardust”

Activision on “strange desire” for games to morph into movies

By: Eddie Makuch Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg is not terribly thrilled about the idea of games borrowing from movies to the point where they play out like films. In a new interview with Edge, Hirshberg was asked if Activision would ever consider making a game outside of the boundaries of typical genres, like a romantic comedy game. “There’s this strange desire to morph games … Continue reading Activision on “strange desire” for games to morph into movies

Russell Brand Boards Romantic Comedy Cupid

By: Eric Eisenberg Earlier this week it was announced that Russell Brand would play Pierre Pierre for director Larry Charles’ next project and now there’s word that Warner Bros. has brought the British comedian on-board to play Cupid. The project was pitched by Joe Nussbaum, who last directed the 2011 Disney film Prom, and Brand is not only attached to star but he will also … Continue reading Russell Brand Boards Romantic Comedy Cupid