Flash Film Review: ‘John Wick’, ‘Nightcrawler’ & ‘Book of Life

Okay so I bet you’re wondering what is going on here.  Well I have fallen way behind in my writing.  I sort of got into a funk with a lot of everything.  I’m still trying to figure out the cover design for my next novel and I’m editing it as well and I’m reading and writing but then I want to be lazy and play Kingdom Hearts.  So I’m just trying to get myself out of this funk that I’m in, so here we are!

  1. John WickJohn Wick ( R | 1 hr. 41 min.)

Keanu Reeves stars in his new action flick John Wick where he plays a former assassin who has just lost his wife, and her parting gift to him was a puppy, whose life is taken before his eyes when some thugs decide they want his car.  Now, Keanu Reeves tends to get a to get a lot of crap because he sounds like a surfer boy and his expressions aren’t powerful enough one could say.  But he’s a good actor and Keanu really chooses the most precise moments to execute the aggression and the depth of his emotion to bring his character to life and give meaning to this action flick that would have been just another action flick.  That is simply not the case with this film; the opening gives something for the audience to relate to and then it moves on and the further heartbreak relates to anyone who is an animal lover.  There are so many aspects of this film that work and the usage of insightful captions with highlighting for the impactful parts of the Russian dialogue.  This really is a good film.

  1. NightcrawlerNightcrawler ( R | 1 hr. 57 min.)

To think, this man was once Bubble Boy.  Jake Gyllenhal has come such a long way as an actor as he brings this film to life and gives his character a creepy essence.  As this movie goes forward, the character grows increasingly unstable as his power grows, as he becomes increasingly more popular amongst his news crew with his footage that crosses the lines.  He is a dangerous man and it is so subtle how they move forward and progress his character and the story to show how crazy he is.  This film was simply amazing and Jake Gyllenhal is amazing.  The story develops so steadily keeping the audience hooked into the plot and story.

  1. The Book of LifeThe Book of Life (PG| 1 hr. 35 min.)

Adorable.  Simply, adorable.  This film is a great couple film and a family film.  The movie focuses on love, friendship and family and has such a cultural feel to it.  The artwork, the design of the film was so beautiful and unique and the story was so wonderfully told. The ending was obvious but it was so sweet how the movie just went about building towards the ending, building towards the romance and the kindness between the characters.

This was a fun film with so much vibrancy and heart and was a great family film.

I know, these aren’t the best reviews I’ve ever written but I fell so behind and to the point where all my original feelings and thoughts about the movie have somewhat vanished.  Yes, I am disappointed with myself as well.  However, I do hope you enjoyed these reviews.

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