Cassandra Clare Reveals ‘Lady Midnight’ First Editions Special Content

If all you readers remember the Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire, you must remember that the first editions/printings of the novel has special content within them. A little gift from the author and publisher to all TMI fans.

Source: SimonTeen’s Instagram
Source: SimonTeen’s Instagram

Well they are repeating the process with the first novel of the new series The Infernal Devices Lady Midnight.

Via tumblr Cassandra Clare has released all the special specs of the novel and what special little gifts this novel will bestow upon fans:

Every first page will be hand-stamped with a rune. (I wish I could sign them all, but it is beyond my ability to sign that many books.)

Even more specially, each first edition will contain a full short story, about the size of a Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy story. […]

There is mention in Lady Midnight, when one of the TMI characters drops by, that the characters have come from a party. I decided to write the short story of that party, so we could check in more thoroughly, emotionally with the TMI characters,to see what’s going on with them and how it ties into the events of TDA. It’s a chance to check in on couples, life, politics, and just see how things are going for everyone: we’ll obviously see Jace, Clary, Magnus, Alec, Bat and Maia, Simon and Isabelle, baby Max, Jocelyn and Luke and Lily and some of the characters from Tales from Shadowhunter Academy — and, it’s not just any party; the night contains a marriage proposal for one of our couples. The story will exist only in the first edition of Lady Midnight; All hardback first editions in English of Lady Midnight will have, printed at the end, this short story.

So I’m excited. This is where you can pre-order the novel as well as specifics of what exactly qualifies as a First Edition.

Get your first edition while you can guys.

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