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Book of the Month – July 2017

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there avid readers! Man this month was probably the most activity I’ve ever seen. There were so many popular titles and let me say many of them I want to read. But there can only be one winner so here we have it. Let me present to you July’s Book of the Month! And don’t forget to stay tuned for next months selection of titles. Happy reading!

Fragile Chaos

by Amber R. Duell




‘Every fiber of my being is woven from the rage of mortals.’

Theodric, the young God of War, has a talent for inciting conflict and bloodshed. After being stripped of his powers by his older brother, King of Gods, he sets out to instigate a mortal war to prove himself worthy of being restored to power.

‘I loved Kisk once; it was my home… But that was before. This is now.’

Sixteen-year-old Cassia, like many in the modern era, believes gods and goddesses to be just a myth. Enemy to her country and an orphan of the war, she has no time for fairy tales. That’s until religious zealots from Theo’s sect offer her up as a sacrifice.

Can Cassia and Theo end the mortal war and return balance to the earth and heavens? Or, will their game of fate lead down a path of destruction, betrayal, and romance neither of them saw coming?

Product Details:

Pub Date: July 11, 2017

Page count: 300pp

Age Range: 15 & Over

ISBN: 978-1-9460-2400-8

Publisher: Radiant Crown Publishing, LLC

List Price:  $13.99

Get a Copy:

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