Book of the Month – December 2017

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there readers. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I spent the morning at work and the evening eating a home cooked meal brought to me by my mom. It was delicious let me just say that. Also did more shopping than I should have on online…but I did get time and half for working on Thanksgiving, so it was worth it. And what did I buy you ask. Books and work clothes. Yay work clothes. At least I will continue to be the most stylish manager at my local theater.

But anyway, you didn’t come here to learn any of that nonsense you came to check out this month’s winner of the Book of the Month title. May I present to you The Black Tide (Outcast #3) by Keri Arthur. Congrats to Arthur for winning this month’s title. Check out the book details below and stay tuned for a featured book review and another poll to rake in the new year.

The Black Tide (Outcast #3)

by Keri Arthur

Though Winter Halo – the pharmaceutical company behind the evil experimentation on both children and adults – has been destroyed, the danger is far from over. Not only do seven children remain unaccounted for, but some of the vampires are now able walk in light.

The key to stopping the unthinkable lies in finding Ciara Dream, the last member of the trio behind the plot to give full light immunity to both the vampires and the Others. But Ciara, like Tiger herself, is a shapeshifter, able to take on any human form she desires.

To find her, Tiger will need to use every skill in her formidable arsenal, and even that might not be enough to save the city and the people she has started to care about.

Because the vampires are coming, and this time, the lights won’t stop them.

Product Details:

Pub Date: Dec. 5, 2017

Page count: 432pp

Age Range: 16 & Over

ISBN: 978-0-3494-1826-1

Publisher: Piatkus

List Price:  $7.99

Get a Copy:

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