Book of the Month – February 2018

By Cynthia Ayala

Hey there avid readers! I hope everyone had a great new start to a new year and have already started to add to your reading list. So on that note, your votes have been entered! Take a look at this months winner for the book of the month that will also get featured book review! Woo! Let’s give a round of applause to Blood of a Thousand Stars.

Blood of a Thousand Stars (Empress of a Thousand Skies #2)

by Rhoda Belleza (Goodreads Author)


With a revolution brewing, Rhee is faced with a choice: make a deal with her enemy, Nero, or denounce him and risk losing her crown.


Framed assassin Alyosha has one goal in mind: kill Nero. But to get his revenge, Aly may have to travel back to the very place he thought he’d left forever—home.


Kara knows that a single piece of technology located on the uninhabitable planet Wraeta may be the key to remembering—and erasing—the princess she once was.


Villainous media star Nero is out for blood, and he’ll go to any means necessary to control the galaxy.

Vicious politics and high-stakes action culminate in an epic showdown that will determine the fate of the universe.

Product Details:

Pub Date: Feb. 20, 2018

Page count: 344pp

Age Range: 12 & Over

ISBN: 978-1-1019-9913-4

Publisher: Razorbill

List Price:  $17.99

Get a Copy:

Kindle $10.99


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