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Tag: Razorbill

Book of the Month Poll – October 2019

New month means new selection of books for the book of the month title. Vote here for your favorite.


Book of the Month Poll – July 2016

Hey there avid readers and book lovers, another month means another book of the month poll where you get to vote on what novel you believe should be the book of the month for July.

Weekly Reading List #19

Wondering what to read next? Fiction, YA Lit or Fantasy? Well check out what’s on my reading list and see if anything I’m reading tickles your fancy.

A Lackluster Revelation | Review of End Times

End Times is supposed to be a post-apocalyptic novel that follows the one true prophet named Daphne as she escapes an abusive home. But while the writers presents readers with solid characters and inner struggles, as a novel, it falls flat. Read on to see why.