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Novice Dragoneer is a character-driven novel following Ileth, a young, impoverished girl with a stutter and a dream to become a Dragon Rider.


Novice Dragoneer

Novice Dragoneer
by E. E. Knight

This is a character-driven story following Ileth on her journey to become a dragon rider, making this a steady novel. It is not slow, but not fast-paced either; it is more like the reader is leisurely jogging, enjoying the scenery as it unfolds for the reader.

The characterization was spot on, and if it were any less, this novel would have faltered. Ileth is such a strong character especially considering she ran away from her orphanage to become a dragoneer with nothing but the clothes on her back. And then she is late, but never gives up. Becoming a dragoneer is her last chance to be something in the world that does not have much for her. Ileth had little education, enough to get her by, and skills, but her stutter and the fact that she is a woman does not allow her to be much.

Nevertheless, Ileth does not let any of this stand in her way. She is resilient in her determination, fighting for her place among the dragon riders, and fighting for her standing and respect.

What also makes Ileth an excellent protagonist is her mind. Ileth is incredibly intelligent, resourceful, and thoughtful. Everyone thinks so little of her because of the few foolish mistakes she makes and her almost disabling stutter, but she uses that to her advantage to impress everyone and prove that she belongs there as much as anyone else.

Storytelling and Pacing

As mentioned above, this is not a fast-paced novel. However, it is not slow either. Again reading this novel is akin to taking a leisurely jog. The novel never loses its momentum while also making sure not to lose the characterization. Furthermore, in this novel, so much happens.

Novice Dragoner is a coming-of-age journey for Ileth and it shows in the pacing. Ileth is learning about this world she lives in, how different everything is from what she thought and that is good. She adapts well to the many changes around her. Knight is showing the reader all the different ways to be a dragoneer. It is a unique world to be submerged in. From dragon-riding to dancing to caring for, the world is imaginative and cohesive.

Knight ensures that his storytelling is cohesive and structured, which is what makes Novice Dragoneer so good. The reader loses themselves in the story, enjoying the scenery and development of the plot, following Ileth as she learns to ride dragons, dance for dragons, and opens her mind to the possibilities before her.

Final Thoughts

Novice Dragoneer is an excellent novel. It has so much vitality to it as it develops the story and the characterization. It has depth and imagination to it that make it well worth the read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Product Details:

Pub Date: November 5, 2019Page Count: 512ppAge Range: 16 & Over
ISBN: 978-1-9848-0406-8Publisher: AceList Price: $16.00

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Novice Dragoneer


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