An Interview with M.L. Greye

Hey there readers! Do I have a treat for you. Today Cyn’s Workshop is interviewing M.L. Greye, an Amazon Bestselling author who loves to write, “epic, romantic fantasies for teens and young adults.”

Cyn’s Workshop: What first inspired you to write?

Greye: I honestly am not sure what first inspired me to write. I can’t remember. It was probably some creative writing prompt I was given back in first grade or something. I remember writing stories as long as I’ve been reading. Although I can say when I was six, my aunt gave me my first journal and I filled that little book up with all my childhood thoughts. So I suppose I could say my aunt helped get me writing in a way.

CW: What is your favorite book of all time?

ml greye interview

Greye: Of all time? Uhhhhh… That’s a tough one. I think it’s a tie between books that have become a part of me. You know the ones – those books that have left an imprint on you. For me, those books are A Court of Mist & FuryThe Seer & the SwordFire of the CovenantA Wrinkle in TimeThe Squire His Knight & His LadyElla Enchanted… I can go on. I guess I don’t have a single favorite, just books that have left a lasting impression on me for their own unique reasons.

CW: What is your favorite book this year?

This question is easier. My favorites this year are Gemina and Dance of Thieves. Both books were so enjoyable. I loved the characters and plot in both. I’m a big fan of character development in books, especially when the plot is perfect.

CW: Does where you live reflect in your writing?

It does. I live near Disneyworld and I’ve received some great inspiration from just walking around the parks and resorts. Honestly, the country of Heerth in my Swift Shadows series was totally based on Morocco in Epcot. Walking through the bazaar there in Epcot helped me visualize my character, Emry, meandering through a Heerth marketplace. This is just one example. Florida has so much to offer and has inspired me in so many ways.

CW: Does skating influence your writing at all? When did you start skating?

So, I think I had my first skating lesson when I was six. I didn’t start skating competitively, though, until I was ten. I guess you could say skating has influenced my writing in the way it has taught me the value of hard work and sticking with something. It has taught me to get back up when I stumble and fall – to keep going when things get rough. You need that in writing. It’s not always a breeze to put together a story. It takes a lot of commitment and determination to see it through to the end.

CW: How did you cope with the pandemic?

During the shutdown, I wrote and read a lot. Once my rink opened back up, skating was added back in. Mostly though, I spent time with my kids (I have three of them) and husband out by our pool or at the beach. It really helped to be out in the sun – to keep up our health. As a figure skating coach, I’m big on maintaining both physical and mental health. Being out under the sunshine can help with both. It hasn’t been a breezy year, but I’ve still found some good amidst the bad. I think that’s key – to maintain a positive, hopeful attitude for the future.

CW: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

READ! Sorry to shout, but it’s so important to read. Over the years, reading countless books has helped my writing improve. When you read it’s like you’re studying for your own works. You can gain inspiration as well as tips on writing style or character development. Read the genre you write, and then read other genres to pick and choose what you like. Oh, and keep writing, of course. Even if you don’t love everything you write, just remember what I tell my students on the ice: Keep trying – just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you quit.

CW: Are you working on any new books now? If you are, any hints of what it will be about?

ml greye interview

I’m currently working on the last book in my Swift Shadows trilogy. It’s called A Pair of Silver & Teal (APOSAT). It’s all about Emry and Declan and their royal friends as they take on the evil Varamtha. If you’re not familiar with my Swift Shadows series, the short description is that in the country of Enlennd there are Rioters and Royals – Royals support the crown, and Rioters wish to tear it down. Emry is a Royal and Declan is a Rioter, but both have the same goal in mind – to end the feud within their country no matter what it takes, even if that means betraying each other.

I should also mention there is an entire magic system based around the color of the eyes someone has. In this world, everyone has some sort of ability, depending on what color their eyes are. Ruby red eyes deal with healing. Gray eyes control the weather. Bronze eyes talk to animals. The list goes on. Anyway, I’m excited for APOSAT to be finished. I’ve already written it all out and am in the process of drafting it. I’m aiming for a Spring 2021 release. It should be an epic close to the series.

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