Review of ‘A Curse of Roses’

A Curse of Roses blends historical fiction, politics, romance, and magic to create a stand-out, inclusive and diverse story.

Personal & Relatable

What was very interesting about A Curse of Roses was the take Pinguicha took in her storytelling. She could have done anything, but she chose to dive back in time and reinvent history while also incorporating her own experiences in the novel.

Before beginning, please read the note from the author at the beginning. It allows the reader to see where the author is coming from.

Powerful Writing

A Curse of Roses
Diana Pinguicha
Entangled: Teen

A Curse of Roses is an #OwnVoices novel that follows Yzabel, who can turn food into flowers. She thinks of this as a curse, this magic that bubbles inside her, but it is a gift if she learns to accept it and love it. Yzabel is a devout Catholic, so for her, this is hard to accept. Until she meets Fatyan, Fatyan encourages Yzabel to love herself, to love every part of herself, even those parts the church would condemn because they are her; they make up every fiber of her being.

I loved the dynamic between Fatyan and Yzabel, and I thought Fatyan was a fantastic character. So many of her beliefs reflect mine, which is why I connected to her strongly. Here is a perfect quote that sums her up perfectly:

“You don’t think suffering brings you closer to the Lord?” Yzabel asked-the notion seemed foreign to her.

“No. And it doesn’t. God only cared if you’re good, which you are.” She fluffed Yzabels’s hair, sending shivers up her spine. “Never believe the interpretations of men. They distort the original meaning to suit themselves.”
A Curse of Roses

Her beliefs do not make her any less of a Catholic or diminish her love of God; they only make her a more remarkable woman.

Final Thoughts

Pinguicha brings her own experiences into the narrative to give the readers a reason to connect to the story. Her husband’s understanding and acceptance of her sexuality may seem unrealistic to readers, but again, it reflects Pinguicha’s personal experiences. And why shouldn’t it? Not everyone is evil or unaccepting, and it is nice to see Yzabel come out to her husband and see him accept her as she is, with no condemnation.

Yes, there are still evil people around her, there will always be those who would see people trapped in miserable lives, but it is refreshing to see some kindness reflected in the character dynamics.

A Curse of Roses is such a unique and engaging read. It is thoughtful, beautiful, and to see Pinguicha’s heart on the pages makes the story even more gripping and relatable.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Product Details:

Pub Date: December 1, 2020Page Count: 352ppAge Range: 14 & Over
ISBN: 978-1-6828-1509-0Publisher: Entangled: TeenList Price: $18.99

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