Cyn’s Workshop’s Best Books of 2022

Hey there everyone! It is time to wrap up all the reading I have done this year and share with you guys my top picks for this year. These are all the books published in 2022 that I gave five beautiful stars. Happy reading! And if you want to know more about these books, be sure to check out my reviews. Here’s to a great year and a fabulous new one.

1. The Weight of Blood

The Weight of Blood

I loved everything about this book. I wish Jackson had given me more regarding Maddy and Kendrick, but I’m going to let it slide because the social commentary and storytelling was absolutely perfect.

2. Dragons of Deceit

I loved this! It was wonderful returning to the land of Krynn and welcome back my favorite cast of characters. Yes, Destina was somewhat annoying, but you know what? She was a true Solamnic Knight. Weis and Hickman did a great job.

3. All of Our Demise

Ugh, they were not kidding when they said this would be brutal. Such a good ending. It broke my heart a little bit, but you know what? That just made it better.

4. No Filter and Other Lies

I absolutely believe that everyone needs to read this book. Social media has such an impact on society nowadays, and this book is all about finding validation with oneself versus gaining it online. It was incredibly thoughtful and relatable.

5. Lore Olympus Volume 2

Such a great graphic novel! I read the webtoon religiously, but I cannot pass up buying this graphic novel of episodes 26-49. Reading them together and seeing the scenes that didn’t make the webtoon cut allows me to see the story evolve differently and wonderfully.

6. How To Survive Your Murder

Ah! I love this novel. It has so many callbacks to those final girls in slasher films, and as a vast scream fan, the angel taking on the appearance of Sidney Prescott was absolutely perfect. Happy Death Day meets Scream doesn’t begin to cover what this novel is all about.

7. A Mirror Mended

The sequel to A Spindle Splintered escapes the Sleeping Beauty multiverse in exchange for teaming up with the Wicked Stepmother of Snow White to find a story worthy of a woman misunderstood.

8. Summers Edge

I loved this book so much! It was a masterful blending of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Haunting of Hill House. Something eerie is going on there, and you don’t know what until the end. Perfect!

9. Rise of the School for Good and Evil

I am a massive fan of SGE, and ever since the first book came out, I pre-ordered every single book after that. This was an excellent origin story to the series that highlighted the bond and love between the brothers and how it began to fracture.

10. When Women Were Dragons

This book was so excellent. Looking at 1950s America, when were mitigated to being homemakers or secretaries, the Mass Dragoning highlighted the inner fire within women, showcasing oppressed women transforming out of their skin and into creatures of power. Masterful storytelling.

11. The Last Laugh

The conclusion to The Initial Insult takes place after only a few days and shows as a masterful blend of what I like to call Poe-tropes as McGinnis pulls elements from various Edgar Allan Poe stories to weave suspenseful YA duology as long-held family secrets finally come to light…Thrilling!

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