Review of ‘The Grimrose Girls’

The Grimrose Girls follows four girls at a boarding school who discover that they are connected to a fairy tale curse and are doomed to brutal and gruesome endings.


The Grimrose Girls
Laura Pohl
Sourcebooks Fire

The Grimrose Girls begins with a funeral. What an excellent way to start a story. Pohl sets up a mysterious and somewhat haunting atmosphere. Our four main characters are struggling to understand why their friend committed suicide. However, as they think about it, they wonder if their friend was murdered.

The way plot builds up the tension and the mystery while also capturing those fairy tale elements. The quick build of tension pulls the reader into the story. As the girls try to unravel one big puzzle, they must solve mysteries tied to their fairy tale stories. And to make matters even better, Pohl uses the original fairy tales that are as dark as they are Grimm, not the Disney ones.

What worked so well was how Pohl connected the characters to their respective fairy tale. The details are sparse but precise and not heavy-handed. Pohl makes it evident to the reader which princess the characters should represent. Still, she doesn’t drag the story down with excessive detail. Instead, the reader sees their story come to life in a modern, contemporary, and unique way, giving the story a solid grasp on the reader.


Pohl also gave each character a distinct and unique voice. By splitting the story into four distinct perspectives, the reader can understand who the characters are. In addition, they are given something deprived of them from their original fairy tales: agency.

Each girl has their struggle in the face of their struggles. From chronic pain such as fibromyalgia to mental illnesses such as anxiety and OCD, the reader can easily connect to them. Their voices resonate off the pages and give the reader someone worth reading about.

What is more, is that they are diverse. The characters have different backgrounds, different skin colors, and different shapes. There is also queer representation as well. Some characters are bi, pan, ace, and lesbian. They are real people to the reader. That honest representation reads as genuine and gives the story a well-rounded foundation making it remain grounded throughout the fantasy.

Final Thoughts

The Grimrose Girls is an excellent way to launch a new series. It is thrilling, unique, and incredibly diverse, making it easily relatable to every reader.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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