Review of ‘Dune’

A classic of science fiction, Frank Herbert’s Dune carries the reader effortlessly through the story as the worms carry the fremen through the desert.

Arrakis, Dune, the only place in the galaxy where the worms thrive, producing spice, and he who controls the spice controls the galaxy. Frank Herbert’s Dune follows young Paul Atreides through the desert on a path to save himself from both assassination and the planet from corruption and destruction.

Truly A Classic

Frank Herbert

I was always intimidated by Dune. It seemed like this larger-than-life story that would take me ages to understand. However, as a fan of classic space operas and the Dune and Children of Dune miniseries, I had to read this novel.

I wish I had read it sooner.

Herbert’s writing is exceptional. The ease of storytelling makes this so incredibly accessible to the reader. The story is complex and intricate, yet Herbert makes it easy for the reader to understand the mechanics of the world. Little by little, the political intrigue and the ebb and flow that goes into building the world give the reader something to be interested in. There are multiple POVs here, but they each highlight something different, something new that adds to the richness of the world

Everything about the novel is engaging. It is easy to understand and builds itself effortlessly.

Strong Characters

Of course, without such captivatingly complex characters, Dune would not be half as engaging.

This is not only a plot-driven novel but a character-driven one as well. These characters are incredibly complex. Paul is the hero of this novel, and his evolution is one to be admired. He goes from a boy and grows into a man, somewhat hardened. He changes throughout Dune, shifting from a duke’s son to the prophet of the Fremen.

It is brilliant to read it as it unfolds.

Lady Jessica, the Baron, and the vast number of characters with point-of-views are given distinct characteristics that drive the plot forward, allowing the story to build upon itself. Some characters are vile, while others are simply morally grey. However, there is no denying the complexities of their personalities.

Final Thoughts

Dune is incredible. Truly a science fiction classic, this is a space opera for the ages.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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