Review of ‘This Woven Kingdom’

Fast-paced and thrilling, This Woven Kingdom builds up the romance with a dual POV that looks at a long-lost queen and the kingdom she is meant to destroy.

This Woven Kingdom follows Alizeh and Kamran as they face the trails set forth by the Devil, all while fighting the battle of their hearts.

Character Driven Story

This Woven Kingdom tells the story of Alizeh and Kamram, splitting it between their perspectives. However, both characters have strong presences on the page that carries over each time they come face to face.

Alizeh is the long-lost queen of the Jinn empire. Fire cannot touch her, and she is constantly cold because of the ice in her veins. However, that does not mean she cannot be hurt. Alizeh lives as a servant, keeping her identity secret. She wants to live peacefully without the Devil haunting her with his riddles and evil machinations.

Alizeh carries herself with such grace. She does her job, working on little to no sleep. A Jinn, she has the strength of ten men and will use it to defend herself if the situation sees fit. But she never stops showing grace, compassion, and even kindness.

Kamran compliments her beautifully. Kamran is methodical, stern, stoic, and perceptive. He is also arrogant. Time and time again, he learns that Alizeh is more than what she appears, allowing him to see compassion and even delve into his own. He is like a double-edged longsword, whereas she is like a katana.

They complement each other and are drawn to one another because of that. They are the novel’s driving force, and their slow-burn romance makes the reader invested in their relationship.

Final Thoughts

This Woven Kingdom is a quick read. Bringing together two vastly different characters and throwing in unpredictable plot twists to keep them apart, Mafi allows the characters to shine and complement one another in a way that keeps the reader hooked.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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